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Crush was created as a replacement for Yule Ball's linkage page. Because I felt that Harry Potter directories were decreasing steadingly, I thought it was be a great idea to make a new Harry Potter directory to replace the others that closed down. Because this site is a sub-site of my Harry Potter romance website, Yule Ball, I thought it would be even better to make this Harry Potter directory list all Harry Potter shipping sites.

The Name

The name "crush" came to me when I was thinking of love and relationship-based names. For an hour, I thought of a lot of lovey and cheesy words, but I didn't want a cheesy name for this site. Then, when "Crush" crossed my mind, I thought it was perfect. It sounded cool. It's short and concise. Also, it related perfectly with love and relationships. Why? Well, from what I know, every relationship starts because two people have mutual feelings for each other, but before those feelings are known, a person must have a "crush" on that person. Thus, "Crush" became the name of this directory.

Layout Archive

This current layout is unexpectedly not the first layout. Many layouts came before this. Here is the screenshots of the previous layouts:

Version One : Ron and Hermione *New window*

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